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  • Jebediah (Jeb)

    Jeb thinks of himself as a farmer, but any extra produce from the family fields are not usually found in the market stalls of his home village, [[Habitat]]. Instead, they are used to produce delicious moonshine beloved all over Habitat.* He recently …

  • Mikael

    Mikael's mother accidentally drank some irradiated moonshine when she was pregnant with him. Praise the [[The Ancients | Ancients]], Mikael was born happy and healthy, although a shade more lizard-y than most babies. He has a good head on his shoulders ( …

  • Max

    Max is an unpopular man in [[Warden | Habitat]]; a failed [[Enginer | Enginer]] apprentice, he is always spouting off about his apocalyptic beliefs. Many years ago, he discovered an old crumbling manual about the _[[Warden | Warden]]_. He didn't …

  • Jim

    Jim has an interest in ancient technology and one of [[:enginer-rorke | Enginer Rorke]]'s apprentices in [[Habitat]].

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  • Zandor

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  • Mister Pointy

    Mister Pointy makes a decent living as pest control in the village of [[Habitat]]. Few rodents can withstand his poisonous quills.

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  • Whoo

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