Metamorphosis Alpha: In Search of Adventure

Personal Log MIK01: Mikael's Noggin-ings

Personal Log of Mikael

So after Jeb came back from that metal cave what the Ancients came from, he got on a bad tear. He carried around these lil bottles in a gunny sack, kept calling himself a medicaldroid, and trying to heal folk. He went on for weeks ‘bout all the things he saw in that metal cave, his new friends Hayseed and Medicaldroid and all sorts of mess. Even said the whole world’s just a big boat floatin’ down some milky river.

At first, it sounded like Jeb had gotten to tipping mugs with that squirrelly fella, Max. But then I got to noggin-in’ it. (Pa-paw says I’m the best noggin-er in the family.) And they did find that metal cave nobody knew squat or squander about, and nobody could deny that. Plus, the Debil’s Piss Pa-paw adds to his moonshine comes outta that metal pipe underground… maybe it’s all part of this big boat?

I wanted to ask Jeb about it, but a few days back he tried to heal up Me-Maw’s runny eye with some of his bottles. She healed him up right back with a frying’ pan to the head bone. Jeb went sulkin’ off the woods with a wineskin full of Pa-paw’s squeezin’s—saying there weren’t nothing better medicine for a concussion—and we ain’t seen hide nor hair since.

I was waiting for him to turn up again when Visor Toom called people up to fight them wolfoids. I ain’t a fighter like Jeb, but I figured somebody better represent our kin before townsfolk start thinking’ we’re no account. I caught up with some of Jeb‘s companions, including squirrelly ol’ Max. Turns out, right before I shown up, some glowin’ fella named Churr asked them to find a crystal the wolfoids nicked from him. He had a whole bunch of ancient whirly-gigs, and I got to noggin-ing that he’d be the fella to ask if we were on a big boat or not.

I figure to go along with Max and the others and get a-hold of that crystal. (The stranger ain’t just for lifted pretty girls’ dresses, you know.) Once I got his doohickey, I hope Churr’ll tell me what I want to know.
Session 06: Beware the Burn

Personnel Location

Level Unknown : Habitat Level 2 : Habitat

Ship Log


Upon returning to the village, the party was greeted by Max. The Enginer had sent word of the group’s mission and Max wanted to help. He was joined by Mikael, a lizard-like mutant human who offered his services as a substitute for his missing cousin, Jeb. The party gladly accepted Max and were willing to let Mikael prove himself.

The village was a hive of activity. Villagers were being equipped with weapons and armor and instructed in their use by the more experienced. A group of senior Guardians were discussing battle plans with Vizor Toom and Enginer Rorke.

The group reported to the Enginer that all was ready at the Environmental Control Center and were asked to join in planning the village attack. Vizor Toom wanted their input since they had combat experience against a wolfoid pack. Vizor Toom explained that the man-wolf camp was roughly circular, comprised of large pointed tents (much like tepees) and protected by a thick makeshift hedge of tree limbs and thorn bushes. Two entrances to the north and east allowed access to the camp. The village would field roughly 50 fighters against the wolfoids’ estimated 35 adults. Considering the ferocity and mutations of the man-wolves, the forces were roughly equal. The plan of attack was fairly simple; after all, the villagers were not trained soldiers. Toom would lead the villagers as close as possible to the east entrance and then attack. The north entrance would be watched to prevent a wolfoid force from attacking the villagers’ flank unexpectedly, but it would be left unthreatened to allow the wolfoids an escape route. The Vizor did not want to corner a wolf in its den; he wanted to drive the man-wolves back to their own territory. While the wolfoids were distracted by the village attack, the party would hack their way through the south camp wall and kill the pack leader.

Whoo grew bored as the party discussed various options with the Vizor. He was a bird of action! He offered to scout the wolfoid camp and the group agreed. He flew high and fast, reaching the camp after roughly 45 minutes. Whoo was able to circle the camp without being noticed by the few beast-man sentries. The owl could see a man and a woman leashed to a tree within the camp. They were lying on the ground and he wasn’t certain they were alive.

On his return trip to Habitat, Whoo was chased by a large woodpecker with a shiny metal beak and wings. He managed to stay just ahead of the predator until it was shot down by the village guards. A few of the men identified it as a stabber, a dangerous bird that could run a man through with its sharp beak.

Whoo told the rest of the group what he had seen and they explained the final battle plan, which basically followed the plan laid out by Vizor Toom. Instead of normal arrows, many of the villagers would be firing incendiary arrows. These arrows should set the wolfoid tents on fire, leaving the beasts with nothing to hold them to the camp. The smoke produced should also obscure the movements of the party. Whoo would fly above the camp during battle. If he spotted the pack leader, he would circle the area as a beacon to the others.

A short time later, the village marched to war. Everything was proceeding according to plan and the party had just gotten into position south of the camp when cries of alarm broke out from the wolfoids! The surprise ruined, the villagers launched a rain of arrows and the attack began. The man-wolves quickly organized and attacked with their own arrows. However, with so many trees between the two forces, few fell to the attacks. After a few minutes, a vast melee was joined just outside the camp’s east entrance.

When the hail of arrows slowed, the party moved up to the makeshift hedge of the camp and Whoo began his over-watch. No wolfoid sentries could be seen in the area so the group started hacking their way through the wall. Working together, the party managed to create a hole through the barrier after only a minute of hard and fast work.

Flying overhead, Whoo saw a large wolfoid giving orders to others. The man-wolf was wearing metal armor and armed with a glaive. A large red crystal was mounted near the head of the weapon. The mutant owl also noticed that a strange winged snake lay curled at the wolfoid’s feet. Whoo hoped his friends would arrive soon as he started circling the pack leader.

The party now knew where to find their target. Max suggested the group hang back and he would sneak close enough to the pack leader to call upon his sonic abilities. After hearing his scream, the party would then come running. The group agreed to his plan and Max slipped away through the tents.

Mikael had not really been listening to the plan. Instead, he had been slowly cutting a slit in the back of a nearby wolfoid tent. Looking inside, he saw various tools and supplies but no man-wolves so he slid through his new hole into the tent. He peeked out the door flap and seeing no one around, moved to the back of the next tent in line.

Max‘s path led him near the leashed humans Whoo had spotted earlier. He recognized them as Jord and Kenda from Habitat. Jord’s arms had been crudely amputated and then cauterized, but he had died from the shock. Kenda was missing her left arm and the pinky finger on her right hand but was still alive. However, she was unconscious. From his hiding place behind the tree, Max could see the pack leader and knew the beast-man was within range of his sonic scream, but he also knew that the destructive sound would kill Kenda. Max moved off at an angle to the north; he hoped to reach a location safely away from the prisoners yet still in range of the pack leader.

Meanwhile Mikael was using his dagger once again to gain entrance to a tent. Fortunately, like the last one, this tent had no inhabitants. However, Mikael‘s luck ran out as he peeked out of this tent’s door flap. He was noticed by the pack leader’s pet snake. The snake reared its head, hissing loudly and flapping its wings. A pair of wolfoid arrows narrowly missed Mikael as he telekinetically grabbed the pack leader’s glaive. He swung the weapon at the beast and missed. Although the strike did not land true, the pack leader was greatly angered that his own weapon had been turned against him. He pulled an ancient weapon from his shoulder bag and fired a red beam at Mikael. The beam hit the mutant human in the shoulder, burning through his armor, clothing, and flesh. Mikael had never felt such pain! He screamed and stumbled away from the tent opening, but managed to maintain enough concentration to fly the glaive to his hand.

Max had finally moved far enough away not to harm the prisoners and saw the pack leader fire his weapon. He called upon his altered vocal cords and voiced his terrible scream. Howls answered him from all around as he saw blood leaking from the ears of the pack leader and his nearby followers. The head of the leader’s pet snake exploded as the sound waves bounced within its skull.

One wolfoid went to finish off Mikael as the pack leader and another follower moved to engage Max. The pack leader fired his deadly relic but fared no better than his follower’s arrow in striking the mutant. Max was simply too agile to hit.

Mikael staggered back through the tents toward his allies. He felt weak and could barely move his arm. The wolfoid was closing in when Jim came around the edge of a tent and put the beast down with a round from his slug projector. He was joined by Zandor who quickly hacked off the man-wolf’s head. (You can never be too careful about mutants with regeneration.)

Having dodged an attack from the pack leader’s ancient weapon, Max was determined not to let the wolfoid get another shot. He raced forward, activating his vibroblade, and slashed at the beast-man’s chest. The pack leader tried to block the blow, but the glowing blade simply cut through his arm before being embedded in his chest. The beast died with a snarl on his lips.

The nearby wolfoid‘s eyes were huge as he watched the pack leader’s body slide off Max‘s vibroblade. He backed away and voiced a mournful howl that was picked up by the other man-wolves. The beast then rushed past Max in full flight to the north exit. Although he was the first, he was not the last wolfoid to break and run from the battle. Max picked up the pack leader’s laser pistol and tried to fire it at the fleeing man-wolf, but nothing happened. The weapon may have been damaged in the fall or simply had no more power.

Captain’s Addendum

Laser pistols are deadly! Mikael was on the fine edge of being killed with one shot! Fortunately, Max’s player rolled really well. It did leave the rest of the group out of the fight though.

As for the play-test, I think the camp encounter is currently just a tad easy. There were two wolfoids, the pack leader, and the chance of a wolfoid encounter in the camp (which the luck of the dice avoided). I think the number of wolfoids with the pack leader should equal half the party plus one for a more interesting battle. Of course, odds are pretty good that at least one player character will be killed by that pistol. (Hey, if you don’t want risk, why play Metamorphosis Alpha?)

Tune in next session for the battle mop-up and dealing with Churr!

Personal Log ZAN05: Freaky Friday

Personal Log of Zandor

If I were a rich man,
Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum.
All day long I’d biddy biddy bum.
If I were a wealthy man.
I wouldn’t have to work hard.
Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
If I were a biddy biddy rich,
Idle-diddle-daidle-daidle man.

This about sums up my current life. Insane ramblings of a man wanting peace and an easy life without uncertainty. Instead, I have crazy climate followed by even crazier war, accompanied by bipeds in glowing armor appearing and disappearing just to introduce more crazy in my day. For the love of AI can’t we just get along. I have been given fancy weaponry of the ancients by the Village Enginer. Hopefully it will be enough to keep me alive. The question running around in my head is if the enginer and elders know about the man in the glowing suit and the village he belongs to. Why would they keep that a secret. Many people seem to know things that I don’t and that is just annoying.

:,:Hi-ho! Hi-ho! It’s off to war we go!
We are clad in fiber, we are on our trail
it’s Wolfoids, it’s Wolfoids we’re looking for…:,:

We hack hack hack hack hack hack hack in our fight the whole day through
To slay slay slay slay slay slay Wolfoids is what we really like to do
It ain’t no clacks to hear how the wolfoids skull cracks
If you whack whack whack with a sword or an ax
On a field! On a hill! Mountain high! In Warden!
Where millions shine! a Slug Projector is sublime.

Hi-ho, Hi-ho
it’s off to war we go

Hi-ho, hi-ho
it’s off for corn squeezins we go
fill the tankards up, raise high your cup
it’s party time at home, Hi-ho!
(Chorus three times)

Hi-ho (until fade)
Session 05: Covert Affairs

Ship Personnel

Personnel Location

Level Unknown : Habitat Level 2 : Habitat

Ship Log


Life at Habitat had been busy since the party returned from the Environmental Control Center two weeks ago. Scouts learned that the team sent to explore to the west were slaughtered by wolfoids. Groups were organized to retrieve food supplies from the center, all led by various members of the original expedition. The party was asked almost daily to recount their adventure (although none except Max spoke of the Warden being a ship). Within the last week, a few village scouts and hunters had disappeared while others reported near escapes from wolfoids.

The man-wolves had never been seen in such numbers in Birnam Wood. Enginer Rorke daily spoke of the danger posed by the wolfoids and declared that the village should take the battle to them. They must be taught the fear of man! Vizor Toom was more cautious. The beast-man did not seem inclined to parley, but he wasn’t so sure that the cost in villager lives would be worth the effort to drive the wolfoids away.

The Council of Elders met to discuss a plan of action. The meeting lasted two hours and when they adjourned, word spread through the village like wildfire: there would be war! Not long after, Jim, Mister Pointy, Whoo and Zandor received an invitation to meet with Enginer Rorke.

When they arrived at the Enginer’s lodge, the group noted the absence of Jeb and Max. Rorke was surprised that they asked about Max; most villagers did not want his company. He had a reputation around the village as a trouble-maker. The Enginer admitted that he had not invited Max but if they felt the mutant should be involved, they were welcome to divulge the meeting to Max later. As for Jeb, the Rorke’s messenger had simply been unable to find him.

Enginer Rorke told the party that the Council of Elders had decided not to waste any time. A large camp of wolfoids had been found by village scouts and it would be attacked that very afternoon! Vizor Toom would lead the main force of villagers, but it had been decided that Jeb (if he could be found), Jim, Mister Pointy, Whoo and Zandor (as well as Max if the group wanted him) would be given a special mission. Once the battle was joined, they were to kill the wolfoid pack leader. The group had previously proven themselves in battle with the man-wolves so the Council thought they had the best chance of succeeding. Killing the pack leader should demoralize and hopefully disorganize the wolfoids, saving villager lives. If they accepted the mission, the party would be given the best gear possible.

The party needed little convincing to accept. They knew the threat the beast-men posed and were willing to do their part. Engineer Rorke was pleased. As promised, he equipped the group with weapons, armor and basic supplies, including two precious slug projectors with four dum-dum rounds each. Rorke even provided customized light armor for Mister Pointy and Whoo!

The Enginer was about to discuss another task when he suddenly collapsed. The party rushed to his unconscious form, finding his entire right arm covered in purplish-red splotches. Jim and Zandor were planning to carry him to the medical facilities at the Environmental Control Center when Rorke regained consciousness. He waved them away and explained that he was still recovering from a recent illness, but was on the mend and did not want to waste the center’s resources. The splotches on his arm faded as he spoke, reinforcing his words. In fact, the Enginer expected the medical facilities to soon be desperately needed by others. He asked the party to speak with Hayseed and prepare the center to serve those wounded in the coming battle. If the group hurried to the center, they could return in time for the battle. The party immediately left.

The party was almost to the Environmental Control Center when they encountered a huge man who appeared suddenly from behind a tree. He was almost eight feet tall, armed with a large rifle and wearing a full suit of glowing armor. The man telepathically greeted the group and introduced himself as Churr. He knew about the village attack and that the party had been tasked to kill the pack leader. Churr was searching for a large red crystal that could be in the wolfoid camp. If the party found and retrieved the crystal for him, he would reward them with a full clip of slug projector dum-dum rounds and an ancient weapon which fired a beam of intense light energy called a laser pistol. The group accepted the offer and Churr instructed them to meet him at the same location at midnight. He then walked back around the tree and disappeared.

The villagers completed the rest of their journey to the center uneventfully. Once there, they told Hayseed of the coming battle and after the robot first suggested the village contact ship security, he agreed to prepare the Veterinary Clinic for a large number of patients. The group then returned to Habitat.

Captain’s Addendum

Welcome to the play-test of KDJ5 Covert Affairs! We were short a couple of players for this session so I focused on the adventure background and initial set-up. All role-playing. The action should pick up next session with the village attack on the wolfoid camp.

Personal Log ZAN04: Longest Day

Personal Log of Zandor

Being back in Habitat is wonderful. Nothing like sitting down to a warm bowl of Shell Soup, yum!!! I have come to the conclusion that the world is a strange place. I have even been told that it is a ship. I would find this hard to believe, however meeting a talking metal man, tables that glow with words, and medicines beyond my imagination , etc have convinced me. Not to mention that the weather can be controlled that is really something in and of itself, and useful to know. Umm, good shell soup is something to be appreciated. If I should have the luck to return from another adventure. I would guess that would be the correct word to use here. Adventure. Almost seems like a curse. Some magical word of warning. Adventure. Each time you say it; the sounds becoming more and more foreign. Ad Ven Ture . Well if I am unfortunate enough to have another AdVenTurE and I am lucky enough to return from said horrible cursed event. I will have a warm bowl of shell soup and praise AI that Im alive to enjoy it. I should find Max and see if he would like some soup.
Session 04: The Deadly Threat of The Porcupine

Ship Personnel

Personnel Location

Ship Log


Zandor could tell that the group was in trouble. Few of their blows were landing, and those that did were often deflected by the wolfoids’ armor. They needed the weapons in the security office. He asked Jeb to retrieve Hayseed as he shifted forward to engage Jeb’s foe. Jim fired his last two shots with the slug projector at the same wolfoid, but missed. The close calls rattled the man-wolf enough to allow Jeb to slip away down the hall. Jeb drank a dose of Berserk as he prepared to meet the wolfoid battling Mister Pointy, but the mutant animal saved him the trouble by killing the beast with a well-aimed poison quill.

After slicing his blade once again into Max, the wolfoid pack leader backed away, covered by his followers. The great man-beast barked commands to his warriors in their own tongue before growling threats at the man. He told Max that he was going to meet Max‘s pack leader and kill the fool for challenging him. He then snarled that his followers would not kill Max in his absence, but keep the mutant alive to be made into an example for others. With those words, he stalked out of the door and left the Control Center. Entering the corridor, he demanded that the party’s pack leader face him! It was obvious to Mister Pointy that this was the response to his earlier mental challenge, but the porcupine was intimidated enough to remain quiet.

Even without the wolfoid pack leader, Max was still out-numbered two to one. He needed to level the odds. His vocal cords had rested long enough to allow Max to once again voice his horrible screech. It left the wolfoids in obvious pain but unfortunately still able to swing their axes.

Meanwhile, in the corridor, Jeb moved forward to assist Hayseed and direct him toward the security office. The true man had yet to feel any effects from the Berserk and hoped that the nearby pack leader would ignore him. In this, Jeb was in luck. The pack leader cared nothing about the scrawny man. Annoyed that his challenge had not been met, the pack leader moved toward the dangerous porcupine standing near a couple of wolfoid bodies. Perhaps killing the master’s pet would force the leader to reveal himself.

Hayseed informed Jeb that he did not have authorization to release any weapons as he continued his attempts to grab his opponent. That would require a security officer. Jeb shouted this information to Zandor as he ineffectually thrust his sword at the man-wolf. Zandor’s pain was two-fold: he learned that the weapons would not be his at the same time that a wolfoid ax swept past his guard and chopped into his side. Although he and Jim worked as a team against the lone beast-man, neither could cause more than shallow cuts that were healed within seconds.

Counting once again on his amazing dexterity, Max tumbled out of the control center and down the hall. The two wolfoids followed him through the doors, but in the confusion, thought he had retreated into another room. Max bought himself a short reprieve.

The pack leader’s glowing blade cut a deep furrow along Mister Pointy‘s shoulder, but the wound was almost instantly healed by the animal’s reservoir of stolen life energy. The pack leader had no such reservoir to save him from the porcupine’s poison quills. A single quill embedded in wolfoid’s arm ended his life.

The morale of the pack tumbled as their leader fell, but did not break. However, the distraction did allow Hayseed to finally grapple a wolfoid. As he watched the metal man wrestle with the beast, Jeb was filled with rage. These beasts had caused enough harm! If it wasn’t for them, he would be enjoying a drink with Pa-paw! He howled his frustration and wildly swung his sword at the held man-wolf, narrowly missing Hayseed’s arm.

Max had gathered his breath and his wits by the time his two pursuers found him. Their axes grazed his skin as he jumped off the wall and rolled down the corridor, scooping up with the pack leader’s glowing blade. Standing next to him, Mister Pointy fired a quill which left another wolfoid dying on the ground.

The situation was finally too much for the few wolfoids remaining. With a yelp, the man-wolf battling Jim and Zandor fled out of the complex. The wolfoid facing Max and Mister Pointy raced away and through the Control Center’s doors around the corner. Unfortunately for him, there was another set of doors near the villagers and they were able to cut short the man-wolf’s flight. A poisoned quill found one last victim.

Hayseed still held a struggling wolfoid. Jim and Zandor attempted to speak with the beast, but found it difficult with Jeb‘s constant attacks. Jeb was deep in the throes of Berserk and could not tamp down his anger. It was only luck that no one had been injured by Jeb’s crazed strikes. Jim settled the matter with a blow using the side of his blade, knocking Jeb unconscious.

The group surrounded the last wolfoid as Hayseed carried Jeb to the Veterinary Clinic. The villagers assured the beast-man that if he cooperated, he would be allowed to leave the complex alive. The wolfoid surrendered. He showed the party the few controls he had manipulated in the Control Center and was allowed to leave.

Hayseed returned to the party and explained that Jeb was unconscious but stable in the clinic. The metal man adjusted the mysterious equipment in the Control Center in order to gradually restore the climate for the level. The immediate threat over, Zandor discussed details of the complex with Hayseed. Although some information was not available to the true man due to security restrictions, he did learn that the horticulture labs produced a great deal of food; food which Hayseed agreed to provide to Habitat as replacement for the village’s lost crops. The village was saved! During the discussion, Max carefully examined his new weapon. He quickly found a switch on the side of the handle that turned the weapon on or off. When powered off, the glowing blade faded into the handle. He also discovered that the bottom could be unscrewed to reveal a thin red card. If the card was removed, the weapon would not function.

The party still wanted access to the weapons in the security office, but Hayseed would not allow them to tamper with the case. Mister Pointy wandered off as a diversion for the robot while Max cut into the case with his ancient blade. The glowing knife cut the metal easily enough but penetrated less than an inch before stopping. The case’s invisible force apparently protected the inside as well as the top. Hearing Hayseed returning with Mister Pointy, the group assembled in the hall.

Since the guests would not control their pets, Hayseed escorted them out the building. He thanked them for their assistance and asked them to return the next day. He would have the village food supplies ready by the morning. He then disappeared inside to retrieve Jeb from the clinic. Whoo sheepishly flew down from a nearby tree to rejoin the group as they waited.

Meanwhile, Jeb had awakened. He felt tired and there was a painful knot on the back of his head, but he was in control of himself; the Berserk was out of his system. He assumed he would not be in the clinic if the wolfoids had defeated the others so he took the time to explore alone. He returned to the refrigerated cabinets the group had found previously and randomly grabbed bottles with interesting names, hiding them in his belt pouch. Finding nothing else of interest, he gave the deactivated medical robot a friendly pat good-bye and wandered into the hall. He was greeted by Hayseed and escorted to the other villagers.

The party’s return trip to Habitat was uneventful. The ice was starting to melt by the time they arrived. Everyone was eager to hear their tale and the villagers were amazed by all the scouts had discovered. They were treated as heroes. The group returned their equipment to the Enginer‘s care. Caught up in the moment, Jeb gave the ancient club he had found to Enginer Rorke as well. Much to Jeb’s surprise, Rorke powered the device on and shined a beam of light around the cabin. Instead of a club, Jeb had found a light stick! The Enginer told Jeb it would be a useful addition to the village storehouse.

Captain’s Addendum

The final battle with the wolfoids was very difficult for the party, much more than I expected. The guys can correct me if I’m wrong, but the real problem seemed to be their dice rolls. The rolls sucked. Consistently. They could never cause enough damage to overcome the wolfoids’ healing factor. Mister Pointy’s poison quills certainly saved the day.

This session concluded the KDJ1 Dire Straits adventure. It is now time to play-test the sequel. Mwah-ha-ha!

Personal Log ZAN03: Getting Along

Personal Log of Zandor

From the scarry stories that were told around campfires when I was a child of vampires, ghosts and zombies. You would think that it was harder to get along with the dead than the living. Now that I have lived for a while I have learned this is not the case and that I would really like to get along with these Wolfoids, get the weather fixed, and get down to some good arguing. During our mission to save the world we have saved two fellow villagers from what was certain death, and introduced them to unknown death. Unknown death is preferable sometimes he gets lost. I am not very impressed with this Whoo you would think that one of natures best predators would be useful in a fight. Max however unlikable he is is pulling more than his weight. If we both survive this he is welcome to come to the house for some corn squeezins anytime.
Personal Log MP03: Is There Such a Thing as Fate?

Personal Log of Mister Pointy

When we started out on this mission we knew that we might lose some of the members of our group or may never back it back. What wasn’t expected was to gain members of the group. The first is the droid, Hayseed. He lead us to the Environmental Control Center and claimed to be able to correct the weather. Exactly how he will do this is still unknown. In the Control Center he has been very helpful in trying to explaining the unusual and bizarre things we have found. Most of the time his explanations prove to be more confusing than the objects themselves. For example we discovered another droid. Hayseed calls it a. Medical Droid. Unlike Hayseed the Medical Droid only speaks or moves when asked to. We have seen it do its work three times. It healed Zandor‘s Glow burns. Then it removed Jeb’s extra ears and nose and claims to have removed the Glow sickness from him. Later after Jeb drank an unknown poisonous liquid, Hayseed had the Medical Droid once again heal him. Again how the droid was able to do this is a mystery and Hayseed’s explanation makes little sense. Another fascinating discover was what seems to be an automated water pump that produced both cold and hot water. Jeb was particularly enamored with it.

In a twist of what can only be described as fate we have also gained two members from other parties sent out on the same mission as ourselves. First was Max. He came upon us after we had already entered the Control Center. The rest of his group had been attacked and only Max and Willy escaped. Max has not said what attacked them or said much about it. He did say that he and Willy were attacked by a bear not far from here and Willy did not make it. I fear that Willy’s death may be due to us not dealing with the bear more thoroughly. Though Max hasn’t said, my assumption is the others from his group are also dead. Secondly, Whoo suddenly appeared from nowhere. I have to say that his antics were amusing when I was young but now I find them tedious. After several minutes of Whoo playing his little tricks with us he told us he and his group had split up in order to scout the area better. He had spotted a mouse and decided it was time for lunch then ended up in the control Center with us. He really needs to be more careful. Tele-mice are dangerous as everyone well knows. At this point we can only hope that the rest of his party is in good health and avoiding danger.

Session 03: Hold The Center

Personnel Location

Ship Log


Jeb was just starting to come around from his operation when a large owl appeared in a flash of light! The owl seemed to be as startled as the group. He also resembled a mutant owl named Whoo from the village. Just as suddenly as the first, a second owl appeared! Both Jeb and Mister Pointy tried to speak with the owls (the former verbally and the latter mentally), but they received no replies. The party was unsure what to make of the situation until Max explained that the second owl was illusionary. Talking or not, they knew of an owl with an odd sense of humor who could create illusions: Whoo. The group ignored his antics and decided to revisit the garage… followed by a curious owl and his fake friend.

The villagers investigated the last unexplored room in the garage. Inside, they discovered a metal cabinet and a shallow basin with a drain. A metal pipe protruded over the basin and two knobs were attached to the nearby wall. Jeb stepped into the basin and turned the knobs, causing water to rain from the pipe overhead. As Jeb played in the water, Jim examined the contents of the cabinet. He found numerous bottles on the shelves alongside some folded cloth. The labels on the bottles indicated that the contents were emergency treatments for exposure to various hazards.

Whoo could no longer contain his laughter and rolled on the floor as his illusion faded. Hearing the odd owl hoots and seeing Whoo collapsed in convulsions, Zandor picked up the bird and headed for the Veterinary Clinic. Zandor was almost inside before Whoo composed himself enough to telepathically explain that he was merely laughing at his own joke. Disgusted by the game, Zandor dropped the bird and returned to the others. Whoo followed and explained how he had mysteriously appeared. After leaving the village, his group leader asked him to fly ahead as a scout. He did so for many miles before spotting a tasty field mouse. He was almost upon the morsel when its eyes flashed and Whoo found himself next to the others. The tricky little beast must have been a tele-mouse instead of a normal field mouse! It used its teleportation power to transport Whoo away! It was pure luck that Whoo had arrived surrounded by friends. (A few of the group rolled their eyes at this description.)

Mister Pointy described the group’s own adventures since leaving Habitat to the owl. Whoo was very interested in the medical robot; he thought the robot might cure his epilepsy. He convinced Mister Pointy to return to the clinic with him. They were just to the clinic doors when they were brushed aside by a sprinting Hayseed. The droid was carrying a convulsing Jeb. While Whoo had been deep in conversation, the farmer had grabbed a random bottle from the metal cabinet and drank deeply. Acting quickly, Hayseed had gathered Jeb in his arms and raced for the medical robot.

Hayseed reached the medical robot in time to save Jeb‘s life. The others arrived in time to see the robot working with a tube down the human’s throat. After Jeb recovered from the stomach pump, Hayseed warned him not to drink liquids without reading any relevant labels. Jeb mumbled that he was just looking for a drink with kick.

Whoo attempted to activate the medical robot for his own examination, but quickly realized the metal man could not hear his thoughts. The owl asked Jeb for assistance. Jeb easily activated the medical robot, who ran a variety of tests on the mutant owl. He informed Jeb that the owl had numerous abnormalities which he could not address. Poison glands had been found in the owl’s talons and the robot recommended removal if the owl was to remain in human company. Jeb declined.

The party returned to the garage and asked Hayseed to open the outer doors. The doors opened with a loud, low rumble. The frosted wood could be seen past a shallow entrance tunnel. Leaving the mutant animals in the garage with Hayseed, the men walked outside and moved toward the complex’s main entrance. (The main entrance was located around a protruding bend of the hill covering the complex.) They had not gone far before bumping into a wolfoid coming from the opposite direction. Outnumbered, the wolfoid fled.

Max raced after the fleeing man-wolf, but took a course that gave the beast a wide berth. This course proved wise when he saw the wolfoid enter the complex next to another of the man-wolves. One of the entrance doors had fallen from the frame and left a gaping hole through which a wolfoid fired an arrow. The arrow missed while Max was able to send a dart of psychic power into one of the beasts. Max called out to the other villagers, warning them of the two wolfoids.

His shield held high, Zandor rushed to the entrance. He battled with the wolfoids as the other men grouped behind him. Zandor’s wild swings and large shield prevented them from entering the fray. The beast men were armed with axes, but one disregarded his axe to attack Zandor with sickly-green beams from his eyes. Fortunately, the beams missed the true man.

Zandor called out to the others as he pushed his way through the entrance. His shield rush allowed the others an opening to attack one of the wolfoids. Both Jeb and Jim missed with their weapons but Max‘s mental blast destroyed the man-wolf’s mind. The beast collapsed.

Hearing the shouts, Mister Pointy and Whoo thought to flank the wolfoids by running through the complex. Unfortunately, Hayseed could not allow unaccompanied animals to wander deeper into the building. He grappled with Mister Pointy, which kept the metal man too busy to grab Whoo as well. Whoo raced through the corridors to the front entrance and just missed raking the remaining wolfoid with his talons. Mister Pointy switched directions to run outside and Hayseed released him.

The last wolfoid voiced two sharp howls and then attempted to flee inside, but he was brought low by the combined attacks of Zandor and Whoo. The party regrouped as they heard Hayseed closing the garage doors. They noticed that the fallen entrance door had been cleanly sliced through. No weapon known to the villagers could do such a thing to metal.

The party decided to investigate the security office down the hall, leaving Max to watch the closest set of doors to the Control Center. The office door had been cut down like the entrance door, allowing the corridor illumination to filter into the unlit office. Jeb entered and groped about the small office while Zandor worked on lighting a torch.

Suddenly the doors to the Control Center opened to reveal a large pack of wolfoids. Max bravely stepped forward to meet the challenge. The doorway prevented more than two of the beast men from engaging the mutant. The pack leader, a large man-wolf with a wicker shield and a glowing blade, ordered several of the pack out another set of doors. These wolfoids burst into the corridor and attacked Mister Pointy, Whoo and poor Hayseed, who had just come through the doors leading to the garage.

Hoping to at least distract his attacker, Whoo created the illusion of a female wolf in heat in the corridor. Unfortunately, the illusion had little effect on the wolfoids’ bloodlust. The beasts’ axes bit deeply into the two village animals but glanced off Hayseed‘s metal body. A round from Jim’s slug projector slammed into a wolfoid. Although the shot was a solid hit and slowed the man-wolf’s movements, the beast did not react to the pain. Jeb fired an arrow from security office doorway but missed. Zandor finished lighting his torch and slipped past Jeb to search the office. Mister Pointy proved true to his name by firing a poisoned quill into the beast attacking him. The wolfoid fell to the floor in spasms and died.

Max tumbled past his enemies and the Control Center’s machinery, deeper into the room. The four wolfoids slashed at him, but only the pack leader was able to land a blow. With no one nearby, the doors slid shut, allowing Max to release an ear-splitting scream without harming his companions. The man-wolves shuttered at the pain but showed no sign of being cowed. The pack leader sent one wolfoid outside as he turned toward the lone mutant with his two followers in tow.

Max fought with mental blasts as he dodged most of the wolfoids’ attacks. Unfortunately, the pack leader’s knife always seemed to find his flesh. Max was bleeding from several cuts while one wolfoid was disoriented and bleeding from his nose. However, as Max watched, the blood stopped and the pain eased from the man-wolf’s eyes. The beast men could heal at an incredible rate! Max was in trouble.

Meanwhile, Zandor searched the security office. He saw a desk and chair as well as equipment similar to the machines in the Auxiliary Control Center. Along one wall was a case displaying numerous ancient devices, some of which were reminiscent of Jim’s slug projector. Unfortunately, an invisible wall prevented Zandor from reaching into the case.

The wolfoid sent from the Control Center flanked the true men and animals, rushing up to Jeb with a wild swing of his ax. Whoo, already badly injured, dropped his wolf illusion and flew for the exit. He paid for his flight with an ax slice along his side, but still managed to leave the complex. Jeb and Jim attacked with their swords, but their wolfoid opponent proved too quick. Hayseed was evenly matched by his opponent. The wolfoid had not harmed the droid, but in turn, the droid had not succeeded in grappling the beast.

With blood flowing from a wound on his scalp, Mister Pointy feared for his life. He reached out with his mind, draining life energy from all those in the area. Only Max, with his strong mental defense, and Whoo, who was too far away, were unaffected. Mister Pointy’s wound closed as he felt the stolen energy rejuvenate his body. Fear turned to anger and he telepathically broadcast a challenge to the wolfoids, shouting at them to face him if they dared.

Captain’s Addendum

I’ve learned that writing combat scenes both true to the game and enjoyable is difficult. Hopefully, this log wasn’t too boring to the reader.

We had a new player join the game unexpectedly which served as inspiration for the brand-new, fresh-out-of-the-box, tele-mouse! This handy little guy let me teleport a new character into the game without re-writing the story or allowing him to have too much information about unexplored areas (which he could have logically had if he had entered the complex separate from the party or had been a prisoner of the wolfoids). Feel free to use him in your own games.

Personal Log MP02: The Day So Far

Personal Log of Mister Pointy

Since I have no way of writing in the humans’ language I had asked one of my companions to create this journal for me. So far our journey has been quite eventful. Within half a day of leaving Habitat we came upon a mutant willow tree that had capture what the others said was a man made of metal. I however was doubtful of this because I sensed no mind behind the voice emanating from the tree. After some discussion, and a failed attempt to approach the tree by Jeb, we developed a plan to free the man from the tree. Using my ability to make fire, I heated the tree until it released the man. This is when we had the first of what turned out to be many shocks. He was indeed made of metal and spoke as a human. He claimed to be a Habitat Control Droid in charge of supervising the Environmental Control Center. What a droid is, I do not know but based on my observations it is a machine that moves and thinks as a human does.

It’s name is Hayseed and it was wounded by wolves that attacked the Control Center. I believe this is what caused the recent aberrant weather. Hayseed also said many bizarre things about Warden being a Ship with millions of humans inside. This is unfathomable to me but the others seemed to take it in stride. Maybe they weren’t impressed by these statements because they are curiously similar to the rantings of Max. We asked Hayseed if he could fix the weather which he said he could if he repaired himself before he lost power. He also said that the wolves would need to be removed for the Control Center. We had him lead us to there to see if we could wolves something about the wolves.

Upon reaching the Control Center Hayseed showed us a back way in because the wolves had entered from the front. Unfortunately the entrance was inside a cave that had become home to a mutant bear. It was hungry which made it easy to distract it with some of the humans’ food. The Control Center proved to be fascinating even if it was confusing. A building entirely made of metal is something I never could have imagined. During our exploration of the center we encountered three of the wolves. Hayseed had failed to mention that the wolves are actually wolfoids which explains why they made such an aggressive move. Two of them were distracted looking through a cabinet and we easily dispatched them. The third was in what Hayseed called a veterinary clinic. It was not acting normally as if sick and was also easily dealt with. I fear any others we come across may not be so.


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