Metamorphosis Alpha: In Search of Adventure

Personal Log MIK01: Mikael's Noggin-ings

Personal Log of Mikael

So after Jeb came back from that metal cave what the Ancients came from, he got on a bad tear. He carried around these lil bottles in a gunny sack, kept calling himself a medicaldroid, and trying to heal folk. He went on for weeks ‘bout all the things he saw in that metal cave, his new friends Hayseed and Medicaldroid and all sorts of mess. Even said the whole world’s just a big boat floatin’ down some milky river.

At first, it sounded like Jeb had gotten to tipping mugs with that squirrelly fella, Max. But then I got to noggin-in’ it. (Pa-paw says I’m the best noggin-er in the family.) And they did find that metal cave nobody knew squat or squander about, and nobody could deny that. Plus, the Debil’s Piss Pa-paw adds to his moonshine comes outta that metal pipe underground… maybe it’s all part of this big boat?

I wanted to ask Jeb about it, but a few days back he tried to heal up Me-Maw’s runny eye with some of his bottles. She healed him up right back with a frying’ pan to the head bone. Jeb went sulkin’ off the woods with a wineskin full of Pa-paw’s squeezin’s—saying there weren’t nothing better medicine for a concussion—and we ain’t seen hide nor hair since.

I was waiting for him to turn up again when Visor Toom called people up to fight them wolfoids. I ain’t a fighter like Jeb, but I figured somebody better represent our kin before townsfolk start thinking’ we’re no account. I caught up with some of Jeb‘s companions, including squirrelly ol’ Max. Turns out, right before I shown up, some glowin’ fella named Churr asked them to find a crystal the wolfoids nicked from him. He had a whole bunch of ancient whirly-gigs, and I got to noggin-ing that he’d be the fella to ask if we were on a big boat or not.

I figure to go along with Max and the others and get a-hold of that crystal. (The stranger ain’t just for lifted pretty girls’ dresses, you know.) Once I got his doohickey, I hope Churr’ll tell me what I want to know.


Aahz Aahz

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