Wise guy and practical joker


Whoo is a mutant owl. He appears very similar to his ancestor, the great horned owl, but stands three feet tall with a wingspan of six feet and weighs five pounds. He is unable to reproduce human speech and communicates with telepathy.

Race: Mutant Animal (Owl)
Sex: Male
Hit Points: 01/10
Armor Class: 08
Mental Attacks Resisted: 00
Mental Defense: 10

Computer Recognition: 10
Constitution: 11
Dexterity: 11
Leadership Potential: 04
Mental Resistance: 10
Radiation Resistance: 11
Strength: 10

Physical Mutations

  1. Poison Talons
  2. Whoo’s talons may inject intensity 10 poison into any creature grasped. The poison causes subdual damage, potentially rendering a victim unconscious for 3-18 minutes.

Mental Mutations

  1. Heightened Intelligence
  2. Whoo has human-level intelligence.
  3. Illusion Generation
  4. Whoo is able to create realistic illusions in the minds of others within 100 feet (31 meters). The illusion appears absolutely real until physically touched by an affected being.
  5. Telepathy
  6. Whoo has the ability to mentally communicate with another life form with 25 feet. He may sense another’s surface thoughts or emotions without sending his own.

Mental Defect

During times of stress or exposure to certain light sequences, Whoo may experience an epileptic seizure that paralyzes his body.

Natural Attacks: Beak (WC 3, DMG 1-4) or talons (WC 3, DMG 1-4).

Equipment: None.


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