Mister Pointy



Mister Pointy is similar in appearance to most porcupines, but he is slightly larger. His shoulder-height is 1’ 6" and his body length (with tail) is 6’ 3". He weighs 45 lbs. Although he is able to rise on his hind legs with support, he normally walks on all four legs. He is unable to reproduce human speech and communicates with telepathy.

Race: Mutant Animal (Porcupine)
Sex: Male
Hit Points: 10/10
Armor Class: 08
Mental Attacks Resisted: 00
Mental Defense: 10

Computer Recognition: 10
Constitution: 12
Dexterity: 06
Leadership Potential: 11
Mental Resistance: 10
Radiation Resistance: 11
Strength: 05 (-2d6 dmg when attacking with weapons)

Physical Mutations

  1. Poison Quills
  2. Each of the quills which cover Mister Pointy’s body has a small muscular sack attached just under the skin, similar to the stinger of a bee. This sack is filled with an intensity 14 poison which is injected into anyone who comes into contact with the quill.
  3. Quills
  4. Mister Pointy is covered with extremely sharp quills. These quills cause 1-4 points of damage when contacted with force and may be ejected 1-10 feet.
  5. Regeneration
  6. Mister Pointy is able to heal at an increased rate. He may regenerate 17 hit points per day. This will occur naturally when he sleeps, but he may consciously invoke this ability by concentrating and resting for five minutes.

Mental Mutations

  1. Heightened Intelligence
  2. Mister Pointy has human-level intelligence.
  3. Life Leech
  4. Mister Pointy may steal life energy from all semi-intelligent and intelligent living creatures within 50 feet. Each affected creature will lose six hit points which will in turn be available to Mister Pointy for a day. When damaged, Mister Pointy will lose these temporary hit points before subtracting the damage from his own total. The affected creatures will only regain these lost hit points through standard healing processes.
  5. Pyrokinesis
  6. Mister Pointy may create intense heat in a roughly two-meter diameter area up to 25 meters away. Each consecutive melee turn that he concentrates this power on a living being, he causes a cumulative one die of burn damage (i.e., one die of damage the first turn, two dice of damage the second turn, etc.). No more than ten dice of damage may be caused in a single turn. A fire may be started by this power, but how many melee turns are required to start the fire is determined by the referee.
  7. Telepathy
  8. Mister Pointy has the ability to mentally communicate with another life form with 25 feet. He may sense another’s surface thoughts or emotions without sending his own.

Physical Defect

No Resistance to Poison
Mister Pointy will die when exposed to poison unless an antidote is given in time.

Mental Defect

Poor Dual Brain
During times of stress, Mister Pointy occasionally blacks out and another personality takes control. This personality does not like Mister Pointy and wants to remain in charge of his body.

Equipment: None.


Mister Pointy makes a decent living as pest control in the village of Habitat. Few rodents can withstand his poisonous quills.

Mister Pointy

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