A simple country lizard-boy

Race: Mutant Human
Sex: Male
Hit Points: 34
Armor Class: 08
Mental Attacks Resisted: 00
Mental Defense: 14

Computer Recognition: 03
Constitution: 09
Dexterity: 13
Leadership Potential: 16
Mental Resistance: 14
Radiation Resistance: 13
Strength: 09

Physical Mutations

  1. Gills
  2. Mikael can breathe under water. As a side effect of his larger lungs, his torso is much larger and more barrel-shaped than a true human.
  3. Poison Tongue
  4. Mikael’s tongue is 2 ft. long with poison gland and a hard tip. The poison is intensity 9. Although his tongue is more narrow and thinner than a true human’s tongue, his jaw is easily twice as long to fit the extra length.

Mental Mutations

  1. Genius
  2. Mikael is a scientific genius with an amazing capacity to analyze and apply complex theories about life and matter. He gains a +10% bonus when evaluating artifacts. He may also create masterfully-designed weapons which cause four extra points of damage but require triple the normal creation time.
  3. Telekinetic Arm
  4. Mikael may mentally form psychic energy into the shape of an arm and hand within 50 yards. This arm of force is invisible to the naked eye and may interact with other objects, including attacking them. The arm floats 1-6 feet off the ground and has an effective strength score of 18. Unpowered weapons have no effect on the telekinetic arm.

Mental Defect

Fear Impulse
Mikael suffers from an intense molluscophobia (fear of snails and slugs). If he sees a snail or slug, he will panic, dropping his equipment and running away as fast as he is able.

Equipment: None


Mikael’s mother accidentally drank some irradiated moonshine when she was pregnant with him. Praise the Ancients, Mikael was born happy and healthy, although a shade more lizard-y than most babies. He has a good head on his shoulders (as opposed to his no-account cousin Jeb), and his gills come in handy when he goes noodling for catfish. He also has a telekinetic hand called The Stranger which made adolescence a lot easier to get through.

Five years ago, Mikael’s mother passed out drunk on the front lawn and was devoured by carnivorous slugs. Mikael discovered the body—just a skeleton covered in glistening mucus—and has been terrified of slugs ever since.


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