Harbinger of the apocalypse

Race: Mutant Human
Sex: Male
Hit Points: 67/67
Armor Class: 01 (heightened dexterity)
Mental Attacked Resisted: 00
Mental Defense: 16 (heightened intelligence and mental defense shield)

Computer Recognition: 03 (05 when chameleon powers active)
Constitution: 16
Dexterity: 10 (07 without heightened dexterity)
Leadership Potential: 16
Mental Resistance: 12 (08 without heightened intelligence)
Radiation Resistance: 11
Strength: 10

Physical Mutations

  1. Chameleon Powers
  2. Max may alter his body color to blend into his surroundings. The color change will be almost instantaneous and once changed, he need not concentrate on the color desired.
  3. Heightened Dexterity
  4. Max has enhanced reflexes which allow him to dodge many attacks while unencumbered. These reflexes improve his natural armor class to 1. His dexterity score is also increased by three (to a maximum of 18).
  5. Regeneration
  6. Max is able to heal at an increased rate. He may regenerate 21 hit points per day. This will occur naturally when he sleeps, but Max may consciously invoke this ability by concentrating and resting for five minutes.
  7. Sonic Abilities
  8. Max is able to generate high sonic frequencies that cause three dice of damage to organic tissue at short range. He can only generate the sonic frequencies once every four melee turns. All living creatures within 10 yards of him suffer the sonic damage.

Mental Mutations

  1. Heightened Intelligence
  2. Max has a +4 bonus to his mental resistance (to a maximum of 18).
  3. Mental Blast
  4. Max can directly damage another’s mind. A successful attack causes three dice of damage. The maximum range is 100 feet.
  5. Mental Defense Shield
  6. Max has a +4 bonus to his mental defense (to a maximum of 18). He is also aware of any active mental powers within a 30 meter radius (but this ability does not allow him to identify the powers).

Physical Defect

No Sensory Nerve Endings
Max cannot feel pain or use his sense of touch in any way.

Mental Defect

Anti-Leadership Potential
Max unconsciously generates a mental field with a range of 30 yards radius that actually makes others want to fight with him (happens on a 25% chance every day with every human or humanoid Max meets). Only beings with intelligences of 17 or 18 can resist this effect.

Equipment: Fur clothing, bone dagger (WC 3, DMG 1-4), spear (WC 2, DMG 1-6/1-4/1-6), dried jerky (1 week), bedroll, water skin, flint & tender, large belt pouch.


Max is an unpopular man in Habitat; a failed Enginer apprentice, he is always spouting off about his apocalyptic beliefs. Many years ago, he discovered an old crumbling manual about the Warden. He didn’t understand a lot of the terms used but understood enough to believe that the Warden was not a planet but a doomed ship, under the control of a being only known as Al. Al’s job was to help Man, but Max came to believe that Al must have mutinied and taken over long ago. The ship was in the hands of a power-mad creature! He discussed his discovery with Enginer Rorke, but the Enginer thought that the manual was a fake, written long ago by an insane man. Only a few days later, the manual disappeared.


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