Centuries ago, a great unknown catastrophe befell your home, the planet Warden. Many died, but your ancestors managed to survive and establish the village of Habitat. According to the tales of the village shaman, the Enginer, the first years were hard. With technology now long lost, Man had lived a life of leisure before the cataclysm and the settlers had to relearn the old techniques of farming, fishing, and hunting. Additionally, the natural world had changed. A dangerous energy, known as the Glow, had been introduced to Warden. The Glow caused a wasting illness on most life, but on a rare few instances, it did not kill, but change. It created new dangerous life-forms that threatened the village’s well-being, but all were overcome in time by courage and skill.

Thanks to the hard work of your ancestors, you live a simple communal life in relative safety. All who come in peace are welcome, whether they be true human or mutant. The village even numbers a few intelligent mutant animals. With such stability, perhaps one day your people will begin the long road to reclaim the glory and knowledge that was lost. Perhaps that day is today.

Game Play

Game play for this campaign uses the Metamorphosis Alpha system, 1.1 edition. The introductory setting and plot are derived from my own adventure module, KDJ1 Dire Straits.

Metamorphosis Alpha: In Search of Adventure

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