Computer Recognition

Many of the artificial intelligences aboard the Warden are designed to interact with humans but have not adjusted to the new live forms now on board. Generally, an artificial intelligence (such as a robot) recognizes humans as either colonists or crewmen. (Crewmen have access control bands.) It does not recognize a mutant animal or plant as human and therefore, does not recognize him or her as sentient. It usually considers such a mutant an animal that has escaped from one of the habitat levels or various science labs, or a pet of a human. If a mutant animal attempts to communicate with an artificial intelligence, the A.I. may act in unpredictable ways to this paradox. It may simply refuse to believe its sound sensors and ignore the animal. It may actually attempt to converse with the mutant. Or it may simply attempt to resolve this logical impossibility by destroying the animal. The exact reaction is left up to individual referees to decide.

Mutant humans may be treated as human or animal by an A.I. A new ability score is used to determine if an A.I. recognizes a mutant human as human: computer recognition. The computer recognition score is calculated by adding mutation modifiers for the mutant’s mutations and defects from the following table to a base of 2 (for simply being a mutant). If a mutation is not listed on the table, then it has a modifier of 0.

Mutation/Defect Modifier
Chameleon Powers +2 when active
Dual Brain +4 if two heads; +2 otherwise
Multiple Body Parts +4 per extra appendage; +2 per extra part other than appendage
Multi-Armed (D) +4 per extra arm
New Body Parts range of +0-4 (referee’s option)
Out-Sized Body Parts +2
Partial Carapace +2
Poison Claws or Fangs +1
Poor Dual Brain (D) +4 if two heads; +2 otherwise
Quills +2
Shorter +1 per foot in height below 4 ft.
Skin Structure Change (D) +1
Taller +1 per foot in height above 7 ft.
Total Carapace +3
Wings +4

In order for an A.I. to recognize the mutant as human, the player must roll above his character’s computer recognition score on 1d10. This roll is normally only made during the first meeting with the A.I. Subsequent meetings are based on this initial result.

For example, a mutant human with a partial carapace has a computer recognition score of 5. An artificial intelligence will only recognize the mutant as human if the player rolls a 6 or higher on 1d10. If the mutant had 4 arms (multiple body parts) instead of a partial carapace, his computer recognition score would be 10 and he could never be recognized as human.

Computer Recognition

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