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  • Berserk

    This concoction, made from the enzyme secreted by the passion weed, increases an imbiber’s aggression and strength to an extraordinary level. Berserk is a light brown in color, has the viscosity of cough syrup, and burns slightly when swallowed. A …

  • Heal Pill

    A hard cake made from several ingredients including the blood of a piercer, a Heal Pill heals a true human of 2 + 1d4 points of damage 10 seconds (1 combat round) after being ingested. Unfortunately, it only affects the metabolism of true humans. A Heal …

  • Speed

    Speed is an elixir created from the fragrance glands of the dream bush. It can temporarily increase a true human’s dexterity by 2 points. It has no effect on mutated beings. The dexterity bonus takes effect 5 minutes after drinking 16 ounces of Speed and …

  • Duralloy

    Item Complexity:10
    Danger Category:04
    This impressive composite metal is extremely tough and highly resistant to energy of all types. The outer hull …

  • Color Band: Horticulture

    Item Complexity:05
    Danger Category:
  • Slug Projector

    Item Complexity:07
    Danger Category:02
    Weapon Class:05
    Damage:varies by stage

  • Robot: Medical

    The standard model of medical robot aboard the _[[Warden | Warden]]_ is humanoid and programmed with a vast medical database. Its body incorporates various surgical and medical devices. Two telescoping tentacles may be activated for complex procedures.

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