Tag: Habitat


  • Vizor

    Vizor is the title for the village leader of [[Habitat]]. He is elected by the village council of elders.

  • Enginer

    Enginer is the title given to the village shaman of [[Habitat]]. He is the keeper of ancient wisdom as well as healing lore. His traditional garb is a pair of overalls.

  • Habitat

    Habitat is a peaceful village of roughly 150 sentient creatures. It is found on "Habitat Level 2":https://metamorphosis-alpha-in-search-of-adventure.obsidianportal.com/maps/61989 of the starship _[[Warden]]_. Day-to-day activities are overseen by the …

  • Enginer Rorke

    Enginer Rorke has the greatest knowledge of ancient technology in the village of [[Habitat]]. He has resided in the village for 40 years and has been the village shaman, or [[Enginer]], for almost 30 of those years. Although friendly, he is usually …

  • Vizor Toom

    Toom was elected village leader (with the title of [[Vizor]]) of [[Habitat]] by the village council roughly five years ago. He is slow to anger and quick to laugh at a good joke. He respects the opinions of the other villagers and is, in turn, respected, …

  • Pa-paw

    For many years, Pa-paw was an ordinary, two-headed moonshiner, one of several flooding [[Habitat | Habitat]] with illegal liquor. Then, Pa-paw discovered a burbling pool of green liquid deep in the forest. While this is actually engine coolant bubbling up …