Patriarch, and current brewmaster, of Jeb's clan


For many years, Pa-paw was an ordinary, two-headed moonshiner, one of several flooding Habitat with illegal liquor. Then, Pa-paw discovered a burbling pool of green liquid deep in the forest. While this is actually engine coolant bubbling up through the Warden’s bulkhead, Pa-paw only knows it as “Debil’s piss.” Adding it to his corn squeezings gave them the hard kick and tangy aftertaste that moonshiners dream about.

Pa-paw keeps his source of Debil’s piss a closely-guarded secret, only whispering it between his two heads. Even his children and grandchildren don’t know where the spring is located.

Unfortunately for Pa-paw, drinking engine coolant for 30-odd years has left him completely insane, to the point of feeding his beloved grandson irradiated corn liquor.


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