Enginer apprentice

Race: True Human
Sex: Male
Hit Points: 19/19
Armor Class: 03 (plant fiver armor with duralloy shield)
Mental Attacks Resisted: 00
Mental Defense: 11

Computer Recognition: 00
Constitution: 06
Dexterity: 10
Leadership Potential: 10
Mental Resistance: 11
Radiation Resistance: 08
Strength: 10

Equipment: Fur clothing, plant fiber armor, duralloy shield, bone dagger (WC 3, DMG 1-4), sword (WC 3, DMG 1-6/1-4/1-8), dried jerky (1 week), bedroll, water skin, flint & tender, large belt pouch, Berserk (1 dose), Speed (1 dose), Heal Pills (3), slug projector (WC 5, DMG 2-12 subdual), dum-dum rounds (5).

Jim has an interest in ancient technology and one of Enginer Rorke’s apprentices in Habitat.


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