Metamorphosis Alpha: In Search of Adventure

Personal Log MP02: The Day So Far

Personal Log of Mister Pointy

Since I have no way of writing in the humans’ language I had asked one of my companions to create this journal for me. So far our journey has been quite eventful. Within half a day of leaving Habitat we came upon a mutant willow tree that had capture what the others said was a man made of metal. I however was doubtful of this because I sensed no mind behind the voice emanating from the tree. After some discussion, and a failed attempt to approach the tree by Jeb, we developed a plan to free the man from the tree. Using my ability to make fire, I heated the tree until it released the man. This is when we had the first of what turned out to be many shocks. He was indeed made of metal and spoke as a human. He claimed to be a Habitat Control Droid in charge of supervising the Environmental Control Center. What a droid is, I do not know but based on my observations it is a machine that moves and thinks as a human does.

It’s name is Hayseed and it was wounded by wolves that attacked the Control Center. I believe this is what caused the recent aberrant weather. Hayseed also said many bizarre things about Warden being a Ship with millions of humans inside. This is unfathomable to me but the others seemed to take it in stride. Maybe they weren’t impressed by these statements because they are curiously similar to the rantings of Max. We asked Hayseed if he could fix the weather which he said he could if he repaired himself before he lost power. He also said that the wolves would need to be removed for the Control Center. We had him lead us to there to see if we could wolves something about the wolves.

Upon reaching the Control Center Hayseed showed us a back way in because the wolves had entered from the front. Unfortunately the entrance was inside a cave that had become home to a mutant bear. It was hungry which made it easy to distract it with some of the humans’ food. The Control Center proved to be fascinating even if it was confusing. A building entirely made of metal is something I never could have imagined. During our exploration of the center we encountered three of the wolves. Hayseed had failed to mention that the wolves are actually wolfoids which explains why they made such an aggressive move. Two of them were distracted looking through a cabinet and we easily dispatched them. The third was in what Hayseed called a veterinary clinic. It was not acting normally as if sick and was also easily dealt with. I fear any others we come across may not be so.



Aahz Aahz

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