Metamorphosis Alpha: In Search of Adventure

Personal Log MP03: Is There Such a Thing as Fate?

Personal Log of Mister Pointy

When we started out on this mission we knew that we might lose some of the members of our group or may never back it back. What wasn’t expected was to gain members of the group. The first is the droid, Hayseed. He lead us to the Environmental Control Center and claimed to be able to correct the weather. Exactly how he will do this is still unknown. In the Control Center he has been very helpful in trying to explaining the unusual and bizarre things we have found. Most of the time his explanations prove to be more confusing than the objects themselves. For example we discovered another droid. Hayseed calls it a. Medical Droid. Unlike Hayseed the Medical Droid only speaks or moves when asked to. We have seen it do its work three times. It healed Zandor‘s Glow burns. Then it removed Jeb’s extra ears and nose and claims to have removed the Glow sickness from him. Later after Jeb drank an unknown poisonous liquid, Hayseed had the Medical Droid once again heal him. Again how the droid was able to do this is a mystery and Hayseed’s explanation makes little sense. Another fascinating discover was what seems to be an automated water pump that produced both cold and hot water. Jeb was particularly enamored with it.

In a twist of what can only be described as fate we have also gained two members from other parties sent out on the same mission as ourselves. First was Max. He came upon us after we had already entered the Control Center. The rest of his group had been attacked and only Max and Willy escaped. Max has not said what attacked them or said much about it. He did say that he and Willy were attacked by a bear not far from here and Willy did not make it. I fear that Willy’s death may be due to us not dealing with the bear more thoroughly. Though Max hasn’t said, my assumption is the others from his group are also dead. Secondly, Whoo suddenly appeared from nowhere. I have to say that his antics were amusing when I was young but now I find them tedious. After several minutes of Whoo playing his little tricks with us he told us he and his group had split up in order to scout the area better. He had spotted a mouse and decided it was time for lunch then ended up in the control Center with us. He really needs to be more careful. Tele-mice are dangerous as everyone well knows. At this point we can only hope that the rest of his party is in good health and avoiding danger.



Aahz Aahz

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